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Frank Thrasher

Frank Thrasher

-Frank Thrasher: Regular Footed

-Father of 2 young men.

-Gave 1st tattoo at 15 years old.

-Received 1st tattoo at 18 years old.

-E-4P 62B1P, "A" co. 27th Engineering BN, 20th Engineer BDE, 18th Airborne Corp, Ft Bragg, NC. Airborne!

-Worked at Smokin' Guns Tattoo in Fayetteville, NC for 13 years & 13 days. 7.5 years as Managing Partner.

-Artist Member National Tattoo Association since 2005.

-Had an article published in a tattoo magazine under the pen name 'Francois LeBret'  (...his name from French class at Fairhope High School [Class of '92]).

-Once went 3 weeks being unable to remember his birthday.

-Could live on Girl Scout Cookies and Ice House.

-Does NOT eat 'fish tacos' in spite of the humor in the name.

-'When' he wins the lottery, he will start a jet ski club that rides the rivers and coastlines.

-If he could go anywhere (forward or backward) in a time machine: April 19, 1775 to witness "the shot heard round the world".

-Has traveled to Mexico, Canada, Dominican Republic, Netherlands, *Belgium, *Israel, France, Great Britain, Bahamas, over half of all these *United States, and *Texas   (*has tattooed in these countries).

-Founding member of the Cape Beard Coalition: Follicles of Freedom!

-Loves Guns (, firearm and Smokin' types)

-Folliculis Libertatis!

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